Nostradamus has been exposed on the square opened on this prophesy.
For example, Daniel speaks: "The people that pay homage to their God shall be more strong, and be in action". .Is.24:19-20 For thus saith the lord of hosts; Yet once, it is a little while, and I will shake the heavens, and the earth, and the sea, and the dry land; And I will shake all nations, and the Desire of all nations shall come.The time now is 02:14.Big news for European badminton Spain, Russia, France and Denmark will be hosting World Championships in the next years.In connection with the foretold cataclysm become clear a lot of mentions ND about «updating of times» : from this event they will start to count a new calendar era.But what means «samarobrin»?By leveraging multiple delivery models, we help organizations around the world to increase revenue, achieve business goals, gain competitive advantage, and maximize customer satisfaction while significantly casino paragon reducing the cost of doing business.As a result of long-term study of ND, I have come to conviction, that all his texts (except for cleanly medical ones) are the developed comprehensive prophetical interpretation of the Scripture, mainly, of apocalypses (revelations) of John and Daniel.20:1-7 about binding of Satan during one thousand years and about the reign of saints with the Christ.About casual guessing cannot be any speech.However without revolution any «updating of a century», obviously, was impossible.
My purpose now was only to impart my conviction to the reader: Nostradamus the person deeply rooted in Christian tradition and inspired by the same spirit, as biblical prophets.
Similar discrepancies are characteristic for all concerning "successful" predictions of ND: coincidences supported steady interest to his writings, but discrepancies point out, that these predictions actually concern absolutely to other times and other events.About Comforter the Writ speaks some times and in different expressions.Nostradamus, interpretation OF apocalypse FOR OUR days.The basic fail of interpreters of Nostradamus (ND including the most conscientious ones, is misunderstanding of his style of thinking, his spiritual inner life.Such word is not present either in French, or in Latin, or in Greek.

Here some expressions in which prophets describe the future calamity: day of great defeat, day of wrath, day of  perturbation, day of a great  upheaval, etc.
Texts ND on Old French are genuine,  and everyone has an opportunity to be convinced in that personally.
Here the holy Spirit prince Michael (Comforter royal curate of Jesus  Christ is the deputy of Jesus Christ on the earth (also Michael) ; for the time and up to the end of times for the period of a thousand-year kingdom.