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This is the most common mistakes amateurs makes, not understanding relative vs absolute hand strength.
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Photos courtesy of Bluff Magazine.Although the French-to-English translation is a little choppy, Laliberte alleges that famous pros were borrowing an endless supply of money from Full Tilt.Excessive Spam, cookies help us deliver our Services.There's still a lot to be figured out there, but in tournaments, really, there's a lot people don't know I think.Tom raises and turns his hand into a bluff to make Barry fold an overpair.Eastgates Absolute hand strength is very strong, three of a kind is very hard to make in No Limit Holdem, but on a relative level he might as well have AT as Tom Dwan is representing TT or some bluff.Straights happen a lot and straight draws are worth a lot more." An open-ended straight draw on the flop is roughly 50-50 to come in by the river.
"It suits a more gambling style of player." "I enjoying playing it said Ivey.
While it is almost impossible for Barry to have a deuce, and improbable but not impossible that Tom has one, in general it is not really likely that anyone has a two.Tom Dwan called UTG1 with QcTc (also very early position) and Peter Eastgate called from the Small Blind (very late position) with 42o.It is a scary line, raising someone who clearly has an overpair.At this point we could guess that Barry probably has TT, AT and maybe some bluffs such as QdJd.Posted by 77 comments 100 Upvoted, community Details r/poker 916, online, shuffle up and deal!The story of Full Tilt is clear: I got scammed, squarely, by people I knew personally who used unfillted bank, paying no money.Triton Poker's archived live stream.This hand is also on television, so being wrong and losing a huge pot when Tom Dwan is obviously representing a hand that beats AA or 2x is potentially embarrassing.Press J to jump to the feed.