Millar, Mark (w Hitch, Bryan (p Neary, Paul (i). .
104 Hydrobase was later sunk during the Acts of Vengeance crossover.That team was brought together to find food and kill any resistance (zombie or uninfected) and was led by Sentry.The team was composed of himself with Iron Man, Sandman, and the zombie Hulk and Wolverine.A new Avengers team formed, in the series New Avengers after a group of heroes banded together to thwart a break-out at super-villain prison the Raft, composed of Iron Man, Captain America, Luke Cage, Wolverine, Ronin, Spider-Man, 121 Spider-Woman, and the mysterious Sentry.The " Avengers Disassembled " storyline followed.Keeping top heroes like Thor active in The Avengers without contradicting the information charity poker tournament laws in Thor's own series was becoming a chore.And pencils by Don Heck.117 The limited series Avengers Forever, starting during this period, was a time travel story that explored the history of the Avengers and resolved many outstanding questions about Kang and Immortus's past manipulations of the team, featuring various Avengers from the past, present and possible.65 It was revealed that the Vision's body had only been appropriated, and not created by Ultron, and that it originally belonged to the 1940s Human Torch.Contents, production and marketing edit, writer, brian Michael Bendis stated in interviews that the motivation for the invasion is the destruction of the.
Video games edit Merchandising edit Marvel HeroClix released a "Secret Invasion"-themed set based on the storyline.
After several battles between Earth's heroes and the Skrulls in Manhattan and the Savage Land,.
154 Additional members included Punisher (who joined the Avengers against a Ghost Rider manhunt) 155 and the half vampire Blade (who joined the group to help against a vampire invasion).The Commission's stated aims are "to keep crime out of gambling, to ensure that gambling is conducted fairly and openly, and to protect children and vulnerable people"."Beware the Ant-Man!" The Avengers 161 (July 1977) Shooter, Jim (w PĂ©rez, George (p Marcos, Pablo (i). .35 The Black Panther joined after rescuing the team from the Grim Reaper and Klaw.139 Following the destruction and reconstruction of reality in the 2015 " Secret Wars " storyline, a new team is created known as Avengers Idea Mechanics, set to tackle Avengers-level threats beyond simply fighting villains, while the Avengers Unity Squad continues to operate to support.

93 "Assault on Olympus" featured Hercules' father, Zeus, blaming the Avengers for his son's injuries and brought them to Olympus for trial, 94 and the "Heavy Metal" arc saw the Super Adaptoid organized several robotic villains for an assault on the team.
133 During the events of the Avengers.