I have two questions.
There are 6 Sata connectors but 2 support ahci and raid mode only.
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Hardware Devices can't boot from cd/dvd sata drive/ahci mode Is it just plain not possible to boot from a CD/DVD drive that is set in bios as sata/ahci mode?Works great for over three years now, can hot swap with a nice little program called "HotSwap it looks and functions just like the MS Safely Remove Hardware option, except it will clear the cache and let you unplug the external.All three are 500GB.Maybe I'm going to buy a SSD to speed up my poker mackay PC Is it possible to use one of the black sata ports if I enable ahci.Motherboard, aSRock M3A770DE, memory 4GB Kingston HyperX DDR3 1600MHz, graphics Card.I got some choppiness in some games that's coming from access data (tested) and that seems weird but could definitely come from sata drives being in IDE mode.I got an MSI R5770 Hawk Video card.
Which sata mode should i use in bios settings?
I did it with Windows XP, although it wasn't all that straightforward.I have posted my experience in the tutorial thread Steve mentioned, but let me repeat briefly.PC Cases - Laptops Computers from.Visit the Help Centre, sort by:DefaultFeaturedCustomer RatingPrice - Lowest FirstPrice - Highest FirstProduct Name A-ZProduct Name Z-AHighest Discount.Guess it has the same problem.Practically no difference, which is about what I expected.2) Yes, there should be a way to install the ahci drivers so that Windows 7 doesn't bluescreen on startup.My new machine is ASRock M3A770DE Mainboard and I successfully unlocked the 4th core on my AMD Athlon 445 making it a Phenom.1 and it's running beautifully.I have been reading up online and did a search here, but didn't find the appropriate thead.Hi I bought a asus P8H61-M LX Mother board for core i3 processor and a adata S510 6GB/s 60GB SSD currently i have maxtor 250GB Hard disk and bios sata mode is set to IDE.