#2 #3 #4 #5 Alex Strecker's portable rolling lathe workshop Dremel Flexshaft holder for the lathe Knurling Tool "Make-do" Mill Alex Strecker "I made looking for free money from the government this on the taig lathe and it works rather well" Index Head #2 #3 Tap handle Nut of the tap handle.
I was never happy with the Taig compound, so I finally made my own.Same with the crowning tool I ground.Time for a coffee, I then gave the whole lathe a severe looking at for half an hour and decided I was straying from the strait and narrow (PUN?)!The lettering, edge trim line and stone pockets were made with the standard head and 1/16" cutter.I wanted to make a slitting saw arbor Another view So I set up the milling attachment, held the arbor in a set of aluminum tube blocks for 1" (amazing the stuff I have lying around for not being a machinist) and made some passes.I'll package this up in.5" x 3" swarf proof project box when I'm done.The hardest part was getting the Taig pulley off the spindle, but you know all about that.If I were making another one for the taig only, I would make the arms shorter. .
Once again, when using your plate I can drill and tap whatever number of holes anywhere from center to swing limit of lathe.
This plate was also attached to the pulley assy., using 3 c/s screws about 120 degs apart, this method of construction ensures that the parts only assemble in one configuration.
This involved both filing 2 opposite flats on the side of the bolt head, and filing a "waist" on the top side of the head to fit the T-slot. .I had a system on the drawing board that used the end of my telescopic arm to engage in an acme type thread for quick disconnect but it would not give linear micrometer type accuracy - back burner for a while.Arbor also serves as 3/8 end mill holder.Each gear has a short spigot to match the 4J registry.I just got the switches working and guess what?, they didn't always work reliable.A view of the back of the lathe from the far side.