For example, Blue Buffalo claims that its LifeSource Bits contain Taurine for healthy eyes and heart.
From the, purina website : Nestlé Purina mohegan sun casino PetCare Company has signed an agreement to acquire Merrick Pet Care, Inc., one of the fastest-growing natural and organic pet food companies.
Butsince you (Purina) laid down the honesty gauntlethow about providing your.Similarly, Blue Buffalo cites L-Carnitine in the LifeSource Bits for endurance and fat metabolism.In actuality, Blue Buffalos LifeSource Bits do not contain enough nutrients to effectively deliver the claimed health benefits.The entire pet food (regulatory) system is set up to mislead all consumers. .Spending roughly 50 million per year on advertising.In short, Blue Buffalo is not being honest with consumers about the true ingredients of Blue Buffalo products.Likewise, Blue Buffalo touts Vitamin D in the LifeSource Bits for healthy bones and tissue.
Images on pet food labels have been allowed to mislead consumers for years. .
Blue Buffalos profits and cost savings from sales of its products resulting from its false advertising practices; and iii. .(l) Awarding Purina such other and further relief as this Court may deem just and proper.Treble actual damages, costs, and reasonable attorneys fees pursuant to.S.C.Chicken in pet food is a completely different definition than what chicken means in human food. .Be honest give consumers your Pledge. .