mobile legends free lucky spin timer

3 of my accounts have gatotkaca but the fnv casinos one that doesn't has him got the skin anyways.
If you have another tricks to get skin in lucky spin, you can exlpain your tricks in comment field below :D *lets subscribe this channel - Pentaku Network.
Sorry, only registred users can create playlists.Every 48 hours you'll get a free spin not exceeding 1 so once you used your free spin the timer will go back to counting down to 48 hours.Ruby was the first hero used as a prize in the lucky spin.You no longer get to win rare skin fragments and premium skin fragments because now it has been replaced by 10 magic dust, and 300 bp or battle points which is one of the in-game currency.But there is a secret.The History, although the history of it is a little vague since there's not much information about it, but what I found out after some research is that lucky spin was introduced on March 2017 or maybe since the start of the games itself (we.
I have done this for each 3 diffirent hero skins available on lucky spin during that time (Hilda, Gatotkaca, and Fanny).The old lucky spin acts like a time limited discount for skins (depending on your luck) since you need to spend 20 diamonds to play.Fun Fact: The first ever skin to be used in the lucky spin was Alices Spirit Woman skin.A Newer Version, during season 5 of the game the lucky spin was updated in favor of giving more players a chance to get a permanent skin without spending money on diamonds.Such a simple lottery game has given lots of players joy or frustration depending on their luck.You can also win 1 premium skin fragment, 1 rare skin fragment, 1 hero fragment, 30 emblems on what hero role the skin has, and finally a trial card for the skin.