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Example: This is a good reference picture.
4 you have time until, april 30th 2013, 11:59 PM GMT.Anything from Naruto, Bleach or Twilight the vampire book, or Pinkie Pie the pony.Both registration and sign in support using google and facebook accounts.These are bonus malus 2018 not: (no colours), (not showing the whole outfit), (too small).Entries after this will be ignored.Terms of Use, Cookies and, privacy Policy.Additionally, I will choose four entries I like best to be included with the winners, and one entry was a prize for one of my previous contests.If a winner is banned or if they spam, troll, beg for art/points/whatever or otherwise act like an idiot on my DA page before the release of the advent calendar they will be disqualified and someone else is chosen instead.
5 reference pictures should be clear enough that a person not familiar with the series is able to use them for drawing reference.Please note that I only draw stuff from reference pictures you provide; If you can't be bothered to search the reference don't except me to do it either.Send your entry as a, nOTE (not a comment).You can give further explanation on the pictures in words if you want only a part of the outfit from them included or there is something else that should be noted about them.The doll from photos or photorealistic drawings; I need a drawing for reference.Multiple entries by one person; only one entry per person is allowed.Last year counting the items raised a lot of questions.