If NBA Finals bonus money gets split up along the same lines, Thompson will get.4 million and Varejao will get 26,188.
Notice we said some and see the section below for details.
The biggest bonus on the docket goes to Justin Verlander.
How Much Bonus Money Will The Warriors Get if they Win NBA Finals?Justin Verlander, detroit Tigers 28,000,000 100,000, felix Hernandez, seattle Mariners 25,000,000 list of casino games gsn 50,000,.C.It was the first lifetime deal in the history of the company, although.New York Yankees 25,000,000 0 Ryan Howard Philadelphia Phillies 25,000,000 25,000 Albert Pujols Los Angeles Angels 25,000,000 50,000 Robinson Cano Seattle Mariners 24,000,000 50,000 Mark Teixeira New York Yankees 22,500,000 0 Mike Trout Los Angeles Angels 16,083,333 0 Joe Mauer Minnesota Twins 23,000,000 0 Related: How.Could it really and finally be for love of the game?The table below shows how things could shake out moneywise if the Warriors, the Spurs or the Cavaliers win NBA Finals.
Michael Jordan is presumed to have a quasi-lifetime deal with the Swoosh (MJ banked more than 100 million from Nike last year).
The aim behind this idea is to attract other people to the store.Related: How Much Money Do You Make if You Win the Super Bowl?They also get a three day meal allowance and a 1,000 cash stipend, plus merchandise and gifts from sponsors.MLB All Star Ratings and the Love of the Game The MLB All-Star Game in 2015 landed.9 million viewers.What the compensation really amounts to is making sure baseball players dont actually have to shell out money to play in the game, rather than actually paying them.

The sportswear giant will pay out more than 100 million combined to those players this season.
All-Star weekend is typically a popular time for shoe companies to release their latest version of 100-plus hightops.