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I believe negative thinking is like having measles of the mind.Using your spare money optimally, avoiding credit card interest and only spending on useful things is a lottery of death great place to start.When you face a problem, do you run away and give up?Poor people dont even shoot for the ceiling in their house, and then they wonder why theyre not successful.Rich people work hard and believe its perfectly appropriate to be well rewarded for their efforts and the value they provide for others.Whats your outlook on things?But as youve seen it requires using a particular mindset.Or do you put your head down and find a solution?Rich people see opportunities.Energy is contagious: Either you affect people or you infect people.
How are they so different from each other?Bloomberg Billionaire's Index, how do you process your donations?Everything happens for a reason and that reason is there to assist.Think of yourself as a container for wealth.Do you want to play in the little leagues, in the minors or in the major leagues?In my experience, getting rich takes focus, courage, bonus bonds number knowledge, expertise, 100 percent of your effort, a never-give-up attitude and, of course, a rich mindset.