hazel wins big brother money

They have just one shot." 11 However, from 1315 December, "Talent Spotters" from Big Brother visited bars in Blackpool to find new housemates; they also visited Huddersfield on 14 December 2012.
He wanted to let her know Dexter was a wrong-un, and he had a plan to scupper his ideas too, saying: I know how to sort this out.Both the bedroom and the living area led out into the garden.With Spencer now in the danger zone, his only hope was that either Gina or Andy would vote for each other and not him.Callum and Sam get an almighty spray tan.On Day 9, Sallie became the first housemate of the series to be evicted from the Big Brother House.112 113 On Day 58, Charlie was given a secret task.
"Housemates set 'countdown' shopping task - Big Brother 2013: Secrets Lies UK Channel 5 News - bbspy".
The housemates passed their secret task later that day and earned a treat.
If housemates correctly guessed more than half of Jack and Joe's impersonations correctly, they would win a slap-up meal of their choice, to be delivered to the house later that day.Dexter won, but then BB revealed it was a lie and he was safe from eviction, but would have to choose another housemate to replace him.68 On Day 27, the Safe House twist was revealed to the other housemates."Day 66: task: Big Brother's Press Conference descargar bingo para pc - Big Brother 2013 - Secrets And Lies - Latest News from the BB House Big Brother 24/7".The first two housemates, Jack and Joe, entered as one housemate.The pairings for possible entry into the Safe House on Day 31 were: Jackie Callum, Dexter Charlie, Sam Sophie, Hazel Daley, Jack Joe, or Gina Dan.