Added the new Arryn House Cards.
The decks automatically keep count of them The power token bids are automatically hidden when entering new values and announce the bid in the log when revealing them A new turn indicator is added that players can use to show who's turn it.
This, along with updated graphics and a clarified ruleset, means the time has never been better to claim the Iron Throne.
Notable changes from that version: All graphics were tweaked to improve contrast Card texts on the Westeros cards were removed to comply with FFGs policy regarding Vassal modules The game loggs any movement of playing pieces on the Map using zone names the the player.This persistent common threat presents interesting strategic choices: will you join your foes in a united effort against the wildlings, or will you suffer a penalty, hoping that the other Houses suffer even yiff the card game more?A Comprehensive Edition, the comprehensive second edition includes select elements.This portion of the game emphasizes diplomacy and deduction.Many other misc layering issues have been rememdied.Redesigned combat - Players manage combat cards from their War Room, sending the selected Combat Card to the Combat Board for the reveal, then send the cards back to the War room where they are designated as used.Version.0: Developed based on the version created by West2 for 9 players m/Gamers/agot9/ Added map to 9 players Added Houses Arryn, Tully and Targaryen Added One-Time orders tokens (explained in the war room) Rules and FAQ Game of thrones and A Clash of Kings.Tested Version, if you see an error, send me an email and I will correct.
Other factions may no longer view opponents remaining Combat Cards.
Nothing major, just a couple things intended to speed up the game.Based on the best-selling.A Game of Thrones 2ed clanmacrae9 version clanmacrae9 Version.1, fixed the ownership of Kevan Lannister card.Withdraw unit: correct that action.If you run into any bugs with.1 feel free to contact me by email.Other changes that may interest you (or you might overlook The King's Court overlay no longer overlaps influence tokens.Game of Thrones and Dance with Dragons: Version.42: Included Dance with Dragons expansion cards Special menu for "Rodrick the Reader" card (Greyjoy - Dance with Dragons expansion ) with instructions on how to play las vegas gambling tips it Spanish English version are compatible each other.

Cosmetic changes to the interface (ooo shinies!) Notice Retire is now a gravestone.
Each player also receives a deck of unique House cards, which represent important characters from.