She felt that she had to be coldhearted about the breakup to make it work.
It can also symbolize being frustrated by a real-life setback that occurred during your waking hours, especially a financial one.
Being good at controlling the moods or feelings of others.
Museum To dream of a museum represents self-reflection of your own personal history.If bad or evil people in a dream have money it symbolizes fear, bad habits, or difficult life situations that are powerful.Negatively, to dream of moving homes represents life changes that feel forced on you (e.g aging, losing a job).You may feel that you are losing power, status, or resources.Always having something optimistic to say.The Muslim symbolism in this case may have refected her feelings that being a perfect muslim or visiting a mosque with all the global chaos going on was the only one sure way God would accept you in heaven.
A dream where you're, say, making it rain on your fellow commuters on the subway connotes that you have a lot of love to give, and may be seeking a new lovah to give.
Example 4: A man dreamed of seeing moonlight shining on a forest.
But if someone else wins, you should get ready for the fact that your colleagues will soon deceive you.To dream of mutilation with a razor blade may reflect feelings of turning on someone with something dangerous that didn't need.Also, if a dreamer lost the lottery, in reality he/she will face losses as well.Try to think how the lyrics may apply to your life or current emotional state.To dream of a trimmed mustache may reflect feelings about reducing reckless assertiveness with what you are saying.The money being given to her in the dream may have reflected her feelings about all the power and leverage to control the relationship she was being offered by her ex-boyfriend if she took him back.People you like moving into your home may represent welcome random acts of kindness bingo changes.