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It took me a few playthroughs to make and spend the 6,000,000.
The biggest problems with gas zombies is that the weak point has been switched!At one point, Chuck can tame A goddamn tiger.Clown Car : The game includes a useable vehicle called the Clown Car.Antoine can be seen as this to a number of celebrity chefs.Madd jacks grillin shack, cape canaveral tripadvisor best western ocean beach hotel suites 4 of 5 stars discovery beach resort 4 of 5 stars our family ate here prior to our cruise out of port canaveral.The Mole : Sullivan.Fetch Quest : Bibi, and Overtime mode.Chuck Greene: Dead Rising 2's original protagonist.Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!Wake-Up Call Boss : Any psychopath the player finds on his or her money storm casino login first playthrough is bound to rip out their lungs through their butts.Then you have to carry her back to the safehouse.
You can make the game a breeze, but it will cost you (5.00, 400 MS Points).
Many of the returning missions change up the locations and start times of the survivors, for better or for worse.
Now save, quit, and restart and go get the Zombrex and give it to Katie, then do the mission "One Man's Trash" (located at Moe's Maginations on the Platinum Strip) to unlock the pawn shops.The Lancer : Chuck becomes this to Frank in Co-Op mode.Chainsaw Good : Takes this trope to its logical conclusion Instant Homicide Machines."Tonight we are going to witness true American warriors kicking zombie cut to angle behind Crystal ass!" Rebecca's assets seem to be catching Chuck's eye, and is actively flirting with Chuck.Made worse by missions that show up only when you have don't too many survivors lying about, the missions will have already started according to the clock but they appear only when the survivor total is under limit, so you could end up starting.All with just a lead pipe.

If you save the right combination of survivors, it unlocks a strip poker minigame in the safe house.