Get Source Code, compatibility: IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, description: Its one thing to play tower of hanoi, its entirely differnet to write your own javascript logic game.
Just keep going until you find a" that suits whatever the occasion requires.
;-) Get Source Code Compatibility: IE, Firefox, Chrome Description: As you move your mouse around the page a swarming army of ants scattered about charity poker tournament laws the window will chase after.
Automatic scoring and alternating "first moves" are built.Optionally, the script can email the quiz results to a predefined address.Lo and behold, JavaScript to the rescue!I really think this is neat - JavaScript will actually give you a typing test and then tell you the results in words per minute!Play this interesting JavaScript game and find out!Get Source Code Compatibility: IE3, NS3 Description: Move your player (the star symbol around the maze by clicking the appropriate up, down, left, and right buttons.Get Source Code Compatibility: IE, Firefox, Chrome Description: How many dots do you think you can hit in 30 seconds?Get Source Code Compatibility: IE, Firefox, Chrome Description: I know you've all played Hangman before.
Well, how about a game of Hangman, in JavaScript!
You know, you try to guess a word by choosing letters?Cppd, structs of functions scjones - trigraph-abusing self-reproducing program stig - nested-comment tester (all on command line) tbr - simple compressed shell, silly layout theorem - numerically solves the equation y'f(x,y) westley - poetic exchange between lovers, prints "luvs me, luvs not" 6th International Obfuscated.Orig.c Leo Broukhis (leob _at_ mailcom -dot- com) reported that this entry still has a bug that results in an infinite loop while checking instead of finding the factor 101.If you don't like the first thomas fabius casino generated profundity, click again for a whole new one.Get Source Code, compatibility: IE3, NS3, description: Check out this JavaScript-powered text animation artwork.Get Source Code Compatibility: IE, Firefox, Chrome Description: Play the JavaScript version of Guess-A-Number.Solution 1, step. .