(C) As an alternative to the license required in subsection (A) or (B a person may be granted a nonrefundable license beginning March first and to expire October thirtieth, following the date of issue, which may not be prorated.
155, Part II, Section 54C; 1999 Act.
219, Pt II, Section 28; 1996 Act.
(A) The promoter's license authorized by this article must not be transferred to another person, organization, entity, or corporation.18 Some experts maintain that casinos presque isle downs casino erie pa in general arrange for self-exclusion programs as mark 6 lottery a public relations measure without actually helping those with problem gambling issues.Bingo tickets must meet the design and requirements of the department.History: 1962 Code Section 65-724; 1968 (55) 2855; 1993 Act.History: 1962 Code Section 65-731; 1952 Code Section 65-731; 1942 Code Section 2557-9; 1935 (39) 263; 1939 (41) 302; 1946 (44) 1463; 1948 (45) 2091; 1949 (46) 645; 1951 (47) 546; 1969 (56) 767; 1980 Act.Featured Products, do you need supplies for your next bingo game?History: 1962 Code Section 65-852; 1952 Code Section 65-852; 1942 Code Sections 2528, 2534; 1932 Code Sections 2528, 2534; 1928 (35) 1089; 1930 (36) 1358; 1932 (37) 1319; 1937 (40) 539.
(3) "Certification application" means an application submitted by a county or municipality to the department requesting that the department approve a major tourism or recreation facility or a major tourism or recreation area for the benefits available under Sections and.
Numbers are winstar casino games vietnamese concert printed in twenty-four of the squares, and the term "free "free square or " free space" is printed in the square or space located in the center of the card.181, Section 149; 1993 Act.History: 1962 Code Section 65-744.9; 1969 (56) 767; 1993 Act.Up to 150 of the misprinted tickets were reportedly purchased at eight stores across Southern Ontario one-week before the recall was issued.242, Section 1, added paragraph (16).When the return required by this section is timely filed and the taxes shown to be due are paid by the date specified in this section, the person or distributor may deduct three and one-half percent of the tax due.(C) It is unlawful for a person, officer, or employee of a corporation, or a member or employee of a partnership, with intent to evade a lawful requirement of this chapter or a lawful requirement of the department under the provisions of this chapter.As used in Sections and, "tobacco products" means cigars, cheroots, stogies, periques, granulated, plug cut, crimp cut, ready rubbed, and other smoking tobacco, snuff, snuff flour, cavendish, plug and twist tobacco, fine-cut, and other chewing tobacco, shorts, refuse scraps, clippings, cuttings and sweepings of tobacco.As each patron is admitted to a place the paid admissions to which are subject to the tax imposed by Section, his ticket shall be collected and immediately torn in two parts, approximately through the center, one half given to the patron and the other.Repossession of seized property; bond; court action to set aside seizure.