All DEF UP (Max Lv: 10 ) Increases S-DEF/R-DEF/T-DEF/DEX.
You can shoot it in the air and warp to that location.75 Striking Class (Hu / Fi / Bo).H Attack Bonus H (Max Lv: 5 ) xxx best casino table game odds Increases the power of Weapon Actions and Basic Attacks las vegas free slots when Swords, TMGs, and Talises are equipped.Hold to switch to Swords.Hero Twin Machine Guns, twin Machine Guns perform powerful rapid fire attacks.Weak Attack Critical (Max Lv: 5 ) xxx Increases the critical rate for attacks that hit a weak area, and Technics that match the elemental weakness.
Hero Gear Time Gain (Max Lv: 1 ) Hero Gear gradually rises after the start of a quest.During Hero Time, it increases the power bonus rate / sec.In some cases youll actually switch weapons from Sword to Talis, to Twin Machine Guns, and vice versa.Hero Mag (Max Lv: 1 ) Converts the mags total ATK (from S-ATK R-ATK T-ATK) and distributes it as S-ATK, R-ATK, T-ATK.Brand New Star A wide forward piercing attack.Rising Slash, press to throw the sword upwards.Brightness End, contains Guard Points slashes the surroundings.By Admin Added 9 months ago 46 Views / 0 Likes doubling UP @ THE casino!HT Counter Bonus HT erin keno (Max Lv: 1 ) xxx Restores Gear when you evade attacks during Hero Time HT Counter PP Gain htpp (Max Lv: 1 ) xxx Restores PP when you evade attacks during Hero Time.