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Another unique and sometimes forgotten trait is that they can take a Land Raider Proteus or Phobos as a DT (As long as it numbers no more than 10 models allowing you to field LRs without using up your Heavy choices, and without the limitations.
Unfortunately most infantry units in the game are LD 9, so most of clams casino history the time you'll find this Relic weapon to be unimpressive compared to more conventional high-strength weaponry.
Gives your Deep-Striking infantry an improved cover save and the slim chance of blinding any nearby foes to allow them to weather a turn of shooting from the enemy.Keep in mind that they DON'T have the rules of their legion, so no Rad Grenades for Mortarion, no Exemplars of War rule for Fulgrim, etc.It's Praetor or nothing.So remember to stock up on tough and/or agile Troops and the ilk to take and hold objectives, and prepare to kill 'em all to claim any objective bogged down in enemies.Fire Brand: A Master-Crafted Volkite Charger with the Shred rule, for your shooting needs.One would think that it might be kind of risky to buy from these guys, but this is not the case.Due to Cortex designator, Rage, Shock chargers, MC and Merciless fighters you'll be doing 221 5 S6 AP2 Concussive Preferred Enemy attacks on the charge (counting 1 HoW attack never mind the option of Banestrike ammo.
Things are a little muddy to say the least.The only real down sides is the shipping time from China to the civilized world might take a while, and you have to ask yourself if you are OK with feeding IP thieves that no doubt use children as slave labour.And being Salamanders they'll love going through the flaming corridors.If you didn't get it: not only this tank is broken as hell as it is, it can become one of the best anti-infantry of all 30k AND one of the best anti-aircraft at the same time.Toss this in with a fast unit, and Deathwatch Bikers bring a very strong game.Reassigned to the Destroyer Corps, during the Isstvan campaign he proved to be a true son of Mortarion.

Five hull points, two twin-linked two-shot lascannons which can be swapped for rapier destroyers makes it a priority target for the foe.
Unlike "modern" Tacticals, however, they can have 10-20 Marines (similar to Chaos Marines).